PV Comfort PLUS insurance details

Your photovoltaic insurance at a glance

Here you will find detailed information about the components of PV Komfort PLUS.

Insurance Content

Here you will find detailed information about our photovoltaic insurance. Please note that this is only a summary of the insurance cover. Solely the insurance policy of your photovoltaic insurance (Top PV Insurance) is contractually guaranteed.

Electronic insurance

This all-risks insurance covers all unforeseen damage or destruction of insured objects, unless these have been expressly excluded from insurance cover. Electronics insurance reimburses the restoration or replacement costs in the event of damage, for example:

  • Fire, lightning and explosion
  • Hail, storm, frost or ice
  • Water, moisture or flooding
  • Short circuit, overcurrent, overvoltage or induction
  • Loss due to burglary, theft, robbery or looting
  • Intent of third parties (sabotage and vandalism)
  • Animal bite (e.g. marten bite)
  • Operating errors, clumsiness
  • Defects in construction, materials or workmanship
  • Internal unrest, looting, strikes, lockouts

In addition to the already mentioned replacement or reinstatement costs, the following cost items up to 10% of the sum insured, at least but 10,000 euros is also insured at first risk: Detoxification costs for objects indirectly affected by the damage:

  • Disinfection costs for items indirectly affected by the damage
  • Cleanup, decontamination and disposal costs
  • Decontamination and disposal costs for soil
  • Other costs incurred due to damage
  • Rescue costs

In addition, dismantling and reassembly costs due to damage to buildings as well as damage-related work on roofs and facades are also insured up to EUR 25,000 each.

Damage is excluded from insurance coverage

  • through intent of the policyholder or his representative
  • through war events of all kinds
  • through war events of all kinds
  • through terror
  • due to normal or operational-related premature wear or aging
  • insofar as a third party has to act for them as a supplier (manufacturer or dealer), contractor or under a repair order.

Loss of yield insurance

If the operation of the policyholder's photovoltaic system is restricted or interrupted by an insured property loss, the insurer will compensate the resulting financial losses.

are insured:

  • Missed feed-in remuneration
  • Reasonable additional costs for external electricity purchases for own consumption
  • Reasonable mitigation costs


With a reduced yield insurance, the yields not achieved with the photovoltaic system in the insurance year are insured, if the annual energy yield forecast with the insured photovoltaic system deviates by more than 10% for one of the following reasons:

  • a reduced global radiation compared to the yield assessment;
  • defects in the components;
  • exceptional wear and tear of the components;
  • unusual contamination of the components;
  • internal operational damage to photovoltaic modules and electronic components.

Retroactive damages

Loss of earnings due to disruptions in the infrastructure of the energy supply company or network operator are also insured.


The policyholder shall bear the deductible specified in the insurance policy for each claim for which compensation is payable.

The deductibles of this insurance are:

  • for material damage EUR 250;
  • for loss of earnings 0 days;
  • for retroactive damages 24 hours;
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