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Immediate insurance protection for your BayWa photovoltaic system

Always on the safe side

Comprehensive insurance coverage in just a few steps

Quick and secure comprehensive cover

Our photovoltaic insurance offers BayWa r.e. customers the best and immediate insurance cover. In just a few steps and with just a few details, you can safeguard your photovoltaic system sustainably and conveniently with the best conditions. Then you have nothing to worry about for the next 10 years!

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Calculate the performance, costs and yield of your system with long-term certainty! This insurance product not only covers damage and repair costs in the event of a claim. Unlike many conventional insurance solutions, Top PV Insurance also covers any downtime costs and reduced yield over a period of 10 years – at a great price.


Electronic insurance
  • Risk insurance
  • Covers damage-related repair or replacement costs
  • Covers many additional costs associated with the damage
Loss of yield insurance
  • Compensation for lost feed-in proceeds and additional costs for purchasing electricity from third parties for own consumption
  • Reimbursement of costs for damage reduction
  • Secures yield not achieved
  • Applicable in the event of a deviation of 10% or more from the forecast annual energy yield

Highlights of your photovoltaic insurance policy:

  • provides comprehensive cover for property damage, lost yield and reduced yield
  • Insurance benefits far above the market standard
  • Single application – over 10 years of effective protection
  • guarantees current conditions for the full term
  • simple online application
  • does not require any risk assessment by the insurer
  • single total premium from EUR 450 (equivalent to EUR 45 per year) plus insurance tax
  • simple online notification of claim
  • fast processing in the event of a claim

Additional information::

Calculate insurance premium now